Episode 154

Welcome to Episode 154 the LinuxLUGcast

We are an open podcast/LUG that meets at 9 PM EST every first and third friday of the month using mumble.
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Danny Meeks: rpi zero mod

Danny Meeks: Debian turns 27

Danny Meeks: FritzFrog botnet attacks ssh servers to mine Monero coin

minnix: lots of projects – new network setup, new domain, new rpi, microcenter buys

Danny Meeks: Booting 64bit Ubuntu server from usb on the rpi 4

Danny Meeks: Internet Explorer is dead

Danny Meeks: Install docker compose in its own container on arm64

Joe Boylan  Building a macro keyboard

Fweeb: Designed a hand-shaped wall hook for my headphones. Available on Thingiverse

Fweeb: Trying to decide on a commenting system for static websites (moving away from Disqus)
Top contenders are Isso (https://posativ.org/isso/) and Commento (https://commento.io/)

Fweeb: Finally got on the DroidCam wagon
Biggest thing is getting higher resolutions to work. Documentation (https://www.dev47apps.com/droidcam/linux/) uses insmod and rmmod, but modprobe works for me without being explicit abou the path to the module

Honkeymagoo: I am now in charge of our ssl cert
sudo certbot certonly –manual -d linuxlugcast.com
Setting up etherpad with HTTPS: https://github.com/ether/etherpad-lite/wiki/How-to-put-Etherpad-Lite-behind-a-reverse-Proxy

next recording date will be Sept 4, 2020
Our music is “Downright” provided by Klaatu and Broam
We would like to thank Delwin for the use of his mumble server.
Finally we would like to give a special thanks to Fatherfinch, Fweeb, Dave Morris and Tony Beemus for all their help and support over the years.