Episode 144

Welcome to Episode 144 of the LinuxLUGcast

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Danny Meeks: Manjaro on pine phone and pine tab

Kwisher: make git easy with git cola

Kwisher: Setting voltage for a stepper motor for 3d printer

Kwisher: Replace controller board for 3d printer

Danny Meeks: Plays with hassio on the raspberry pi 4

Danny Meeks has a website

Honkeymagoo: Folding at home


The Current Folding@home project IDs that correspond with Coronavirus (COVID-19) research are 11741, 11742, 11743, 11744, 11745, 11746, 11747, 11748, 11749, 11750, 11751, 11752, 11759, 11760, 11761, 11762, 11763, 11764, 14328, 14329, 14530, 14531, and 14532.

Honkeymagoo: 10 open source tools for working at home

Honkeymagoo: pancakecon 2020

Honkeymagoo: how Linus deals with working at home

minnix: open source virtual assistant Almond

next recording date will be April 3 , 2020
Our music is “Downright” provided by Klaatu and Broam
We would like to thank Delwin for the use of his mumble server.
Finally we would like to give a special thanks to Fatherfinch, Fweeb, Dave Morris and Tony Beemus for all their help and support over the years.