Episode 126

Welcome to Episode 126 of the LinuxLUGcast

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From https://mewe.com/group/5bc77fc4a5f4e501fd9a2bbd
Creine Mathews: <- Creine, Danny, you do know you are always welcome to join us live?
Hello colleagues, I leave a video tutorial with their respective English translations, this very didactic, is simple, short and accurate. To learn how to create bootable usb memory in linux. Whether they want to try a Linux distribution without installing it on their machine, or installing it, you can do it with a bootable USB memory. You should only choose the distribution of linux that your prefer.

All companies, regardless of how large or small, run on their data. Consider the financial and business cost of losing all of the data you need to run your business. There is not a business today ranging from the smallest sole proprietorship to the largest global corporation that could survive the loss of all or even a large fraction of its data. Your place of business can be rebuilt using insurance, but your data can never be rebuilt.

Basic rsync commands are usually enough to manage your Linux backups, but a few extra options add speed and power to large backup sets.

Danny Meeks:
Never thought I’d see this day. You can now download Arch Linux from the Windows store.

Show Topic

FiftyOneFifty:  Pre show, Clockwork Towers Youtube channel – Twilight Zone eps cut down to 5-10 minutes, popular scifi shoes shelved do to production costs, where does DUST get it’s funding?
Report on Penguicon 2019 2019.penguicon.org

Atomic Pi’s should be available again from Amazon by the end of the month.  https://www.amazon.com/Atomic-Pi-High-Speed-Peripherals/dp/B07N298F2B  Comparison to RetroPi on the RPi 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX3G-ZVPh-k

Etherpad for planning the pan FOSS podcast table for Ohio Linux Fest http://thaj.dnsdojo.com:9001/p/OLFplanning

pre show: what disney owns

Our next recording date will be June 7, 2019

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