Episode 124

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Creine Mathews via MeWe  Hello friends, today I want to share with you this information surely as recurrent linux readers already know it but anyway, I want to show you this player for Linux that I liked a lot, it is very but very versatile and with many features, I hope it will be useful!

At least 67 percent of global businesses in the past three years have faced data breaching. The breaching has been reported to expose hundreds of millions of customers. Studies show that an estimated 93 percent of these breaches would have been avoided had data security fundamentals been considered beforehand.

Show Topic

FiftyOneFifty:  https://www.gofundme.com/help-eric-arduini-and-family  Eric passed the end of last week.  PodNutz did a 24 hour videocast in his honor last weekend.  Reposting the GoFundMe link.  Proceed will now go to defraying medical and final expenses.

Found a newer copy of DietPi for Pine64 on the DietPi website https://dietpi.com/downloads/
than is linked on the Pine64 distribution page.  Next Cloud/Pi Hole/VPN/CertBot  Once the partion is expanded, you are prompted to change the root and user passwords.  This always results in the root password not being recocgnized (ditto in editing the password in /boot/dietpi.txt before you remove it after imaging the SD).  I’d also been shortcircuiting the install, setting a static IP (for Pi-Hole) and then rebooting via the option under Security/Change hostname in the Configuration menu.  This time, picking my applications and letting the install run like Setup wants.  After config is complete, I’ll ssh in, make the “user” account a “sudoer”, clone the account, then change passwords.

A Linus Tech Tip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co6FePZoNgE last week led me to Lutris for installing Windows games of Linux.  It is able to access your Steam Library and install games you own there.  Glitched a little on first run because I hadn’t updated Steam in a while.  Closed Lutris, updated Steam, and re ran.  Appears to have opened my Steam account, verified I own “Metro 2033”, ran the Windows .msi.  Now I have a window that says “Installing Game Data”.  Doesn’t seem to impact my bandwidth, no progress meter.  Not sure if anything is actually happening.

Credit to Door on PodNutz.com Linux for the Rest of Us #221 for this link https://github.com/leon-ai/leon  leon-ai is a personal assistant that runs on your own server.  Perhaps a salve to the disappiontment I had with Sirius/Lucinda

I will miss next show because https://2019.penguicon.org/  https://2019.texaslinuxfest.org/ 5/31-6/01  HearseCon 6/13-6/16

Facebook admits to also storing Instagram account information as plain text https://www.zdnet.com/article/facebook-admits-to-storing-plaintext-passwords-for-millions-of-instagram-users/
Did I mention GalliumOS for Chromebook last show?  Not as compatible as the article I had back then implied.  https://wiki.galliumos.org/Hardware_Compatibility

Do you encrypt?
Apple won’t like this… – Run MacOS on ANY PC

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