Episode 225

Welcome to Episode 225 the LinuxLUGcast

We are an open podcast/LUG that meets at 9 PM EST every first and third friday of the month using mumble.
We encourage anyone listening to join us and participate on the podcast. Check out https://www.linuxlugcast.com/ for the server details.

If you have any questions, comments, or topic you would like us to discus and are unable to join us during the live show you can
send us email at feedback@linuxlugcast.com
You can join our subreddit at  https://old.reddit.com/r/LinuxLugcast/
Lemmy channel at https://lemux.minnix.dev/c/linux_lugcast
Join in the conversation at  https://matrix.to/#/#lugcast:minnix.dev
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Last Week’s Movie: Dark City

This Weeks Movie: Delete

Peertube channel review:
Digit digit@libre.video
1 week ago
stfu and start the show, gets said just as i was about to close, because none of this is about linux.  it’s like people arent learning from joe rogan, to start the podcast in the content, because no one wants to hear your adverts|offtopic|housekeeping.  n_n  this could be one of the greatest linux podcasts if you just get stuck in, in the first 4 seconds.   and if you get rid of the seat squeek and other audio issues.   and stop advertising the corporate malware.

Mumble web https://github.com/Johni0702/mumble-web

minnix: Orange Pi Zero3

netminer: MX Linux

mordancy: podman, laptops, remote storage

minnix: Linux Gamecast – Linux Air Combat
The Command Line Murders

minnix: Chicago 95
Temple OS

minnix: Retrogram

minnix: LTS = 15 years not 5

minnix: Windows in the cloud

minnix: Transform Your Android Device into a Linux Desktop

minnix: Ubuntu Touch 20.04 OTA-2 brings support for more smartphones

Our next recording date will be Aug 18, 2023
Our music is “Downright” provided by Klaatu and Broam
We would like to thank Delwin for the use of his mumble server.
Finally we would like to give a special thanks to Fatherfinch, Fweeb, Dave Morris and Tony Beemus for all their help and support over the years.