Episode 174

Welcome to Episode 174 the LinuxLUGcast

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Danny Meeks:


Danny Meeks:

Danny Meeks:

Sharing this here since I’m traveling and may not be able to make the next show.

Maybe this isn’t new to anyone else but me since I haven’t dual booted in a long time, but I’ve learned a few things after a recent encounter with Windows:

1. It *is* actually possible to install Windows on an external hard drive so as not to sully your existing Linux install. Windows doesn’t like doing this and it’s a bit of a pain to do… but it does work.

2. If you need to switch to the other OS from Windows, don’t shut down… just hibernate (assuming you have the swap space available to do so). Then you can temporarily reboot to the other OS to do whatever needs to be done… and when you come back, all of your active applications are right where you left them. Really handy.

3. It’s actually not all that difficult to get Arch running in WSL.

4. Although WSL can mount ext4 volumes, it’s a bit tricky to get it to work if you’re using luks to encrypt the whole drive… still working on that.

Danny Meeks:

alpine woes

new pitch – MotM

bought some wifi relays

shopping talk

Cat Crimes™ Who’s to Blame Logic Game

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