episode 171

Welcome to Episode 171 the LinuxLUGcast

We are an open podcast/LUG that meets at 9 PM EST every first and third friday of the month using mumble.
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Danny Meeks:

Danny Meeks:

Danny Meeks:


I bought a System76 Pangolin laptop in March.  All AMD graphics and Ryzen cpu.  I am getting use to using Pop!_OS 20.04.  I haven’t used a Gnome based desktop in a decade or so.


I am considering using Next Cloud hosted or self hosted on Linode.  I want an off site backup and to sync files.  I have also seen YouTube videos on SyncThing so I am open to it.

This was, in part, because I set up a new monitor. Using Barrier (https://github.com/debauchee/barrier) to have a single keyboard and mouse is great, but changing inputs was a right pain. Found a way with ddcutil to also control that from my keyboard. A couple key things to note:

  • It’s a really good idea to get the i2c-dev module automatically loaded, otherwise ddcutil doesn’t work much.
  • Thing is, that module loads with root permissions, but fortunately ddcutil ships with a way around that: https://www.ddcutil.com/i2c_permissions/
  • With that done, changing inputs (among other things) can be done right from the command line. I’ve set up aliases in my .bashrc and also set some key bindings in Enlightenment

I got a 7″ touchscreen for a Raspberry Pi. Combine that with a bit of 3D printing and point the browser to my NextCloud instance and I have a little kitchen kiosk with a cookbook and a calendar. Posted a photo on the MeWe group.
Links to stuff to print for it:

Also,  I got a whole new laptop. An Acer ConceptD 7. Pretty sweet machine. Installed Arch on it (of course). Actually tried out using the new guided install script. Took a couple tries, thanks to issues with RST and setting up partitions with encryption… but eventually got it to work. Still refining a bit, but everything works. And I took this opportunity to use Pipewire. That works too.

Danny Meeks:

Danny Meeks:


next recording date will be May 21, 2021
Our music is “Downright” provided by Klaatu and Broam
We would like to thank Delwin for the use of his mumble server.
Finally we would like to give a special thanks to Fatherfinch, Fweeb, Dave Morris and Tony Beemus for all their help and support over the years.