Episode 147

Welcome to Episode 147 of the LinuxLUGcast

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honkeymagoo: Alternatives to webmin

Email from Matt:
I actually use vlc to play youtube video in my kids room from my office
in the terminal. Just simply vlc –fullscreen [youtube address]. I
wouldn’t think that this should be an issue with youtube. But I guess it
makes sense. I mostly just send live streams of cartoons over to their

And as far as Kodi, it’s just crazy that they get such a bad wrap for no
good reason. I really enjoy kodi/xbmc and never do anything illegal. I
honestly don’t know anyone who does.

And just a note on the DVDs, I picked up some cheap ones at Walmart for
my kids last year and they wouldn’t play no matter what codecs I got
installed. I eventually went to the fluendo player, just to see if they
still had the magic going on over there, and it worked! So, Fluendo
still have the magic touch with codecs on Linux. haha

I have a topic I would love to hear you guys talk about. The Pi-4. I
don’t have one but would very much like to hear how those are working out.

Another email from Matt:
Hey guys! I just wanted to say, I’m running kernel 5.6 on one of my
system I upgraded to a RX 5600 XT in that system. I don’t really know
all the deats on the upgrades in the kernel. But it runs just super and
haven’t had any problems on it. Anyway, great show, I really enjoyed
hearing about the news relating to COBOL. That was a great segment of
the show!

Dude, this is epic! at 2:00 on 146. I had no idea that they made these.
I found this one on Amazon. So epic!


Netminer: raspberry pi new high quality camera

Danny Meeks: how to use traefik-2 and docker

Danny Meeks: Proton

Honkeymagoo: Raspbian XP

Some time ago I contacted my local school district and a nearby much more rural school district about using Linux on used computers to help supplying hardware to rural students. I got a polite acknowledgement from the nearby district and that is all.
Why does no one in the general public take Linux seriously?

Danny Meeks: teletype Linux terminal

Honkeymagoo:raspberry pi 4 image of retropie




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