Episode 130

Welcome to Episode 130 of the LinuxLUGcast

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Creine Matthews:
Users and groups on Linux

Windows 10 vs pop os when gaming

Show Topic

Tried electronplayer, Netflix and Hulu subscriptions work fine


-current projects:

Cellular remote controlled hog trap I built: https://youtu.be/EylPDKI-K-g

Migrating my security system from Zoneminder on an Intel server to Shinobicctv on a rockpro64: https://shinobi.video/

Milling acrylic panels and using standoffs to house old PCs, doing away with bulky cases

Installing Diversion on my Asus router. Similar premise to pi-hole but without the need for extra hardware: https://diversion.ch/diversion/diversion.html
You need the Asus Merlin custom firmware to install it as well https://www.asuswrt-merlin.net/

-new gadget purchase:

pocketgo, a Linux powered handheld retro console under $40 https://www.bittboy.com/collections/pocketgo/products/pocketgo-retro-handheld



next recording date will be Aug 2, 2019
Our music is “Downright” provided by Klaatu and Broam
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We would also like to thank “000webhost” for web hosting
Finally we would like to give a special thanks to Faherfinch, and Tony Beemus for all their help and support over the years.