We Lost A Friend

On Thursday September 5th I got pinged on MeWe by Randy Hall a fraternity brother of Donald Grier (FiftyOneFifty). He Said that Don had passed away.
He then joined us on the LugCast on September 6th. He explained what he knew about what had happened and told us that Don’s cousins were planning his Memorial Service at Larrison Mortuary in Pratt, KS.
As of this posting there still has not been an obituary posted.

On Friday September 20th (our next recording date) we will have our own memorial for FiftyOneFifty.
We are inviting anyone to come on and join us to share memories of FiftyOneFifty,
If you are unable to join us and would like to share some thoughts or memories you can send us an email at feedback@linuxlugcast.com (I will also accept audio files)
Please join us in celebrating the life of a  great friend.

A memorial by one of FiftyOneFifty’s fraternity brothers

A link to FiftyOneFity’s Hacker Public Radio page