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linuxlugcast 59

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Brian Brodsky on G+

binary data on the usenet was originally in uuencode format, base64 came much later.

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1)Manually configuring a static IP in Arch with systemd:  systemd no longer defaults to /etc/system/interfaces to determine your network settings.  The Arch wiki instead directs you to pick the most appropriate network profile from /etc/netctl/examples, copy/rename it into /etc/netctl, edit it to fit your situation, and change your config via “sudo netctl start profile” and make it permanent via “sudo netctl enable profile”.  
[ ]Unfortunately, the start command gave me errors, the enable command did not, but after a reboot, my server IP was still determined by DHCP.

Since netctrl was obviously supposed to just copy parameters into a config file, I looked into just editing that file directly.   My answer came from Linode
( ).  Edit /etc/systemd/network/ directly.  My RPI server’s file looks like:



2)Forcibly resetting root password:  There is no security but physical security.  Editing the /etc/shadow file.  Recently, I set up DietPi to try to get Pi-hole and Nagios on the same machine.  Somehow, the final step in DietPi config fouled up resetting the password w/o reinstalling.

1. Mount the SD card in another machine

2. Locate file /etc/shadow

1. In the first line, delete everything between “root:” and the next colon, i.e, line will now be root::random_string

2. Unmount SD

3. Boot as root on Pi

1. Create new password

As cheap as Pi’s are, I don’t feel I should have to buy one for each task (i.e., I’d like to put Pi-Hole and Nagios on the same box). I’m hoping the community can come together to give me a solution.

We all discuss what Linux systems we are running and why




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more about Play On Linux

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News HPR needs shows [Side note, need info on changing mount locations post install]
Projects: Installing Android apps on the Linux desktop.  Started with a discussion of this product on Successfully installed Hulu under Chrome developer but only ran in ⅓ screen and couldn’t cast. Compile failed.  Used Alien to convert .deb to .rpm. Hulu app failed on install.

Owncloud is getting forked:

The response from owncloud

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FiftyOneFifty May 21 – 22 Wichita State University:  The schedule isn’t up yet, but I obtained a list of topics.
-Linux and HPC
-It’s Dangerous to Go Alone – Exploring /proc with Friends
-Your System Calls and You – A Brief Exploration of Using strace
-Promoting Free Software, the Role of the Hobbiest Podcaster
-How to get started in the world of HPC
-Linux Processes and Job Control
-Improve your Bash Scripts!
-Embedded Linux Development
-Building an Open Source Artificial Intelligence
-On the outside looking in – Utilizing OSInt to Manage Organizational Risk
-Open Software/Hardware Phones
-Community Coding Exercises With
-Robot Operating System (ROS)
-Blender & Meshlab: Open Source 3D
-Affordable Computing, Education, Ethics, and History
-Window Managers
-Open Source Linux Based Network File System Connector for Apache Spark

Report from

video of Bryan Lunduke’s talk, Linux is Freaking Weird ]

Finally installed ipfire on banana pi

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Lord D Published episode 4 of Open FOSS Training

G+ Acre Maker
Re: Blu-ray playback on linux
Needed tools:
Makermkv, mkvtoolnix-gui, makemkv-libaacs (available in the aur)

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Synergy over SSH-The magic of a single client configuration

Progress (and lack thereof) on the Linux Gaming Box.
Space Nerds in Space
Tom Lawrence’s in depth pfSense tutorial
LinuxFest NW Bellingham, WA April 23-24 2016
Penquicon Southfield, MI April 29 – May 1 2016 is OUT OF SHOWS!!!!!!!!!








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Old Business: Fab’s Auto Backup doesn’t run under WINE?, apps in pfSense often require a target interface (usually WAN); follow the documentation, Suricata blocks my Chromecast

OPNsense is a pfSense fork that is supposed to make it easier to create plugins.

Hardkernel ODroid C2 First impressions
Browsers seg fault, except Midori.  You have to let Midori install gstreamer before you can see YouTube videos (after reboot).  This also allows you to see video in VLC, but performance is unusable.  Default mixed was unable to connect to HDMI audio in my monitor, but Pulse Audio Volume Control made it work.  Kodi’s interface was too sluggish to be usable as well.  Not many distros have binary images yet.  Default is Ubuntu Mate.  I also found ODRObeian vanilla, but it has no GUI OpenElec and LibreElec are still being worked on, I understand some people are running Arch, but I couldn’t find a link.  Lakka is working on a 64 bit port.  

OpenToonz (hand-drawn animation software) was released. No Linux version just yet, but it’s Qt5 and it’s been released under a modified BSD license, so it’s only a matter of time (

I launched a new site for Blender users to post ideas of ways to extend or improve Blender: (announced on the Blender Podcast)

Trying to use blue-ray with linux
What I have tried

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Mailing List:  Kevin Wisher explains that with the paid version of Crashplan, the company provides cloud storage and with the free version you only get two nodes.

Google+  Joshua Mason started a discussion about segmenting networks via MAC address rather than IP.   Father Finch explained while networks could be segmented via “vlan tags”, this would require every host on the network to recognize vlan tags, which wouldn’t be practical with IOT devices.

15 Good open source podcasts

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GUI package managers

Fab’s Auto Backup works under WINE

Kansas Linux Fest is set to take place on the dates of May 21 – 22 on the campus of Wichita State University. Register now!

Little recap of Great Wide Open (

Call for speakers at SELF is open until 1 April (



lugcast 51


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Kwisher shares NagiosPi

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Installing and configuring pfSense  on an Intel mini PC -celeron-1037u-4g-ram-64g-ssd-build-in-300m-wifi-1121.html

How I solved glitches installing Steam under Ubuntu 15.10.

Little personal announcement. I was invited to give one of the Lightning Talks at the Great Wide Open conference in Atlanta on March 17th ( If you’re going to be there, perhaps you can drop by and watch me flail about for 5 minutes.

If there’s time (probably not ;), I’d like to talk about doing secure offsite back-ups. Right now, the solution with the greatest appeal looks to be Duplicity or Duply pushing to Amazon S3 (reference tutorial: I’d love to hear other solutions that anyone has used or is using. Let’s discuss it more on the mailing list.



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Arch Pi setup guide (Kevin Wisher)

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FiftyOneFifty revisited.  Chris Waid responded to an e-mail I wrote back in November where I linked an article.  The article said the EFF no longer feared the FFC would force manufacturers of routers to lock out third party firmware.  Chris’ response was that he is still unimpressed with the response from the FCC and sent me this link    Also, Claudio Miranda posted this link to Facebook yesterday:

Command Line Tip:  This last week, I installed Samba on my server so my shared storage could be accessed by a customer’s Windows machine.  I got the error:
:: File /var/cache/pacman/pkg/smbclient-4.3.4-1-armv6h.pkg.tar.xz is corrupted (invalid or corrupted package (checksum)).
Do you want to delete it? [Y/n]   I tried again and got the same error, so I searched the web for the filenameand found it on  I manually downloaded the file and copied it into /var/cache/pacman/pkg/, re-ran “sudo pacman -S samba” andthis timeI was successful.

Starship Tux
used lets encrypt to encrypt his site

There’s a big ol’ bug in glibc. Update your machines!



pcduino3 nano lite
debian for pcduino3


My piclock monitor

Next recording date: Mar. 4, 2016