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A couple links related to the writing appliance I’ve got the itch to make: (USB e-ink monitor… expensive and no idea if it works with Linux) (this is the painfully slow website for the expensive writing device that already exists and only has files accessible via cloud storage) (Jon-KT4KB pointed out this e-ink Android tablet)

And… my podcast is back from hiatus: Open Source Creative Podcast (

A resource for Pi support is the Pimoroni channel on YouTube   Their video podcast The Bilge Tank  is a good PI  shpw by some Pi support suppliers.

Next recording date: Dec. 16, 2016




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My first crack at a bash script:

Dave Morris’s perl script to edit audio metadata

How HPR edits and adds metadata to their podcast
Thank you Ken Fallon

Struggle and fail to install True OS { }. More playing with Nano Pi/PC.  Got Atrix M-100 lapdock up and running with RPi Zero.  $7 Orange Pi Zeros came in mail. Pocket Chip is here, live unboxing.   

Connectors for Motorola Atrix Lapdock M-100 to micro PC’s:

Usb cable link

Next recording date: Dec. 2, 2016

please email us at and let us know when this episode showed up in your rss reader.
If you could add which feed you are using in your email I would appreciate it greatly.

Also any feedback about the audio quality of the past 2 episodes that have been edited with the sox script would also be appreciated.



Listener Feedback

(Colin about episode 65)
Hello Everyone,

Really appreciate the podcast, thanks a lot to all of you.
Just to let you know I downloaded episode 65 Oct 22nd and through tablet speakers or wired earphones or a new Bluetooth speaker the volume is so low you cannot realistically listen I’m afraid. I immediately switched to another podcast at the same volume and it boomed through.
Hopefully this is useful feedback.
Thanks again for the regular podcasts I am really enjoying the show.
Belfast, Northern Ireland.

(Mark Rice to fifty from episode 64)

I might be able to help with your networking issues.  I use Arch on Pi2 and my laptop.

You can either use wifi-menu to generate a network profile, or copy from /etc/netctl/examples to /etc/netctl/
To enable to profile, use <systemctl enable netctl@wlan_network_profile.service> and <systemctl start netctl@wlan_network_profile.service>
Be mindful of the not using a profile name with a dash in the name, but an underscore instead.  The profile fails to start with a dash.

Here is an example profile.

### \” before the key does matter, it won’t work otherwise

usage: wpa_passphrase <ssid> [passphrase]

And last, at the end of wpa_supplicant.conf


(Mark Rice on a G+ post talking about certs on a pi print server. Answered by Joe Hecht)

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1. Review of NanoPi-M3 and NanoPC-T3.  
2. Porting a distribution to a new device, path to getting started:
3. At least a couple of these classes look interesting:
4. $7 Orange Pi Zero, specs comparable with $35 NanoPi Neo:
5. Joe Hecht details how to roll your own multi boot SD card for many computers:

Small recap on All Things Open ( conference and Blender Conference (

Fun with SOX

How to truncate silence
sox -S in_file.wav out_file.wav silence 1 0.1 0% -1 0.1 0%

How to change the sample rate of an audio file
Sox in_file.wav -r (sample rate) out_file.wav

To combine multiple audio files (must have the same sample rate)
Sox file1.wav file2.wav file3.wav new_file.ogg

How to find out what the sample rate of an audio file is
Soxi file.wav

I have found a nice low power Pfsense Box.   It has 4 Intel NICs, either a J1900 Quad core or
3215U dual core Intel processor and up to 8Gigs of Ram.  It is the QOTOM Q190G4.   The -S1 version supports an MSATA SSD, while the -S2 version can have 2.5 inch hard drive.
The units are very low power fanless industrial computers.  They are cool thru a finned metal
Top.  They are available from Amazon and Aliexpress

Next recording date: Nov. 18, 2016




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Linux on a Chromebook

Temporary fix to give my server Internet access.  “sudo route add default gw RouterIP eth0
Thanks to Joshua Mason on G+ who suggested a gateway problem, which I confirmed with “sudo route -n”  that confirmed my gateway was set to “”.  The gateway is still set as my router’s IP in /etc/systemd/network/ as documented in ep 59.

Pi garage door opener

OLF is coming:

Next recording date: Oct. 7, 2016





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Talking with Joe Hecht from the “The single board computer and virtual private server podcast

I finally successfully casted video to my Chrome Cast from my Linux desktop using the
prebuilt Virtual Box .VDI image of RemixOS (  Kwisher recomended two episodes back.

Having a weird problem with my Arch install on my RPi v1 B+.  I can connect to hosts on the local network, but not on the Internet.  This happens even when I resolve the URL to an IP, so it’s not DNS.  I changed my router so it’s no longer using Pi-Hole,and I’ve made no other changes recently.

Talks about how he podcasts. Check out his podcasts

Open EdTech Podcast

Urandom Podcast

Next recording date: Sept. 16, 2016





Listener Feedback

Mark Rice Posted in the Google Plus Community
“If you don’t mind a cloud based bookmarking app, this one allows you to share collections with a link, and you can import bookmarks from Pocket.”

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Magic Packets, the beginning of something wonderful!
How I save power and can turn on machines only when I need them.  

Packet Dissection
Arch Wiki
Another Nice Tutorial

HonkeyMagoo+ Fweeb
discuss how they publish there podcasts

Fweeb’s podcast (The Open Source Creative Podcast)

Web log analyzer that Fweeb uses for analytics
(still requires pulling the logs from S3 separately)




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FiftyOneFifty needs shows, I have plane tickets for OLF
Running Android apps on Linux part 2:  Running Remix OS for x86 in a VM – FAIL
Network Monitor project progress: Diet Pi on RPi2, Pi-Hole works, TOR AP – can see SSID but not connect, OwnClound not found (probably because of Pi-Hole), Nagios (installed from Debian repo) not found.
Finally put a system on my Pine 64.  Tried several from the Wiki page before one worked.
{ }
Ubuntu/Mate for Pine 64 did not boot, Debian/Mate by lenny.raposo booted but never made it to login, Ubuntu by Michael Larson got to desktop, but popped up a dialog stating “Ubuntu  16.04 has experienced an internal error” details (usr/bin/xfce-panel) that persisted after upgrade.  Arch/xfce works.

Follow-up on my adventures with Hugo (static website generator written in Go)
Set up of a simple single-page site is surprisingly easy if you use one of the many themes that are available. In my case, I used a theme called Highlights.

For multi-page, blog-style sites, the documentation ( is really quite helpful. Not much need to search outside of that.

I managed to migrate another site from Ghost to Hugo in just over an hour. A big help for that was a Python script called ‘ghost2hugo’ by Matthew Bentley ( The script pulls the Markdown content from Ghost’s sqlite database and saves those posts as text files. Then there’s just a little bit of modification necessary to get things up and running (partially depending on how many posts you have and the number of customizations you’ve done to the theme).

Little review of (kind of like Uber for 3D printing).

Series of 3D printing articles (using Blender) on
Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 (this one has the photo of the finished print) –


Pokes Thaj about his home server and about his expirences with ‘Docker”





Listener Feedback
Mark Rice asks about “Wallabag”

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Solus OS update:  GUI problems after Steam install fixed in a recent update.  Windows volume still   disappears from GRUB every time there is a kernel update, but it easily fixed via “sudo update grub”.

A very brief talk on starting to play with static website generators:
Hugo (

Jekyll (

Middleman (

Architect linux

Arch linux archives

To down grade a package in Arch linux:
Pacman -U (package you wish to downgrade to)

To freeze a package in Arch linux
Edit etc/pacman.conf
Uncomment out or add
IgnorePkg = (package you wish to freeze)