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Listener Feedback

From “Obi-Tom Kenobi”:

I’m not one to write into a show that I listen to & I think that’s a problem with most Podcast listeners, We take advantage of the luxury of free content of learning and entertainment. So I’m asking my fellow listeners to take just a couple minutes out of their day to go to the contact link of the shows that they enjoy listening to and let the hosts know that they are appreciated and are doing something of worth to you. As for your show I don’t have a local LUG that I attend so it’s nice to feel like a part of yours. Out of all of the Pods I listen to I think yours has the perfect amount of diversity in it’s hosts, The knowledge and experience that each of you bring is priceless. I appreciate all that you all contribute and hope to some day find the time to join in on mumble.

Love & Respect

Obi-Tom Kenobi

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AIY Project Voice Kit

Next recording date: May. 19, 2017



Listener Feedback

From G+
Automate Podcast Publishing with Python

Mount your Google drive on Linux

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Mastodon… an open source microblogging platform. (the main instance) (instance where Fweeb is… one of them, at least –

List of mastodon instances

Remarkable. A markdown editor


How to add support for for DLNA devices with Mediatomb

Next recording date: May. 5, 2017



Listener Feedback

Hello OSI Community,
ChickTech has graciously reached out to offer the OSI exhibit space during the ACT-W conferences (
With seven locations, we simply cannot attend them all of the conferences, so we’re reaching out to the OSI community to find local folks from each city (or near by) who would like to attend the conference (on our dime) and help staff the OSI exhibit booth to raise awareness and adoption of open source software.
Please take a look the schedule below and let me know if you’re interested in attending and representing the OSI. Also, even if you cannot attend this time, let me know if you’d be interested in attending other, future events, and we’ll be sure to notifiy you when these oppotunities come up.
BAY AREA: April 7th & 8th, 2017 (44 Tehama St, San Francisco)–PLEASE RESPOND ASAP
NEW YORK: May 18th & 19th, 2017 (315 Hudson St, New York)
PORTLAND: June 15th – 17th, 2017 (1226 SW Salmon St, Portland)
AUSTIN: August 4th – 6th, 2017 (2525 W. Anderson Lane, Suite 365, Austin)
BOSTON: August 25th & 26th, 2017 (28 Dane Street, Somerville, MA & 89 South Street, Boston)
SEATTLE: September 22nd & 23rd, 2017 (2245 1st Ave S, Seattle & 111 S Jackson St, Seattle)
CHICAGO: October 19th & 20th, 2017 (222 Merchandise Mart Plz Ste 1212, Chicago & 325 N Wells St., Chicago) (Our Google+ posts)

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Hacker conference in Milwaukee

File Sharing and collaboration in your pocket

I’ve registered for Penguicon and Linuxfest Northwest.  Paranoia corner: British home secretary Amber Rudd says “What’s App” end to end encrytion “unacceptable”.  Prime minister agrees.

Notes from the IRC

Next recording date: April. 21, 2017



Listener Feedback

Very thorough feedback email from Jonas Rullo responding to 5150’s escapades with Octopi and Slic3r. Highlights:
Had trouble with 3D slicer programs, too

Seems to be a fan of Cura (actually the backend slicer to Octopi, though not all features are exposed)

But ultimately went with Slic3r after difficulties installing

Doesn’t recommend slicing directly with Octopi… advises slicing on the desktop and shipping the resulting gcode to Octopi (good network integration)

Raspberry Pi 2 is fast enough for Octopi. Probably not the Zero, though.

Recommends using a bit of a glue stick pre-applied on the bed since it isn’t heated. Also blue painter’s tape is worth trying

Followup:  5150 tried installing Slic3r and Cura on the Odroid U2, but they weren’t in the 14.04 repo (surprise).  He thinks the path of least resistance may be to put Octopi on the RPi 3 he has in hand and buy another for the Alexa/Mycroft/etc project.

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REGLUE still needs help.  This year’s fund raiser was very disappointing. Partial review of Fedora 25 workstation install.  Create logical partitions using Gparted?  My Magigoo came in the mail today, also picked up blue tape.  Also got blue tape.  Got the ingredients for home made Sugaroo earlier this week, but procrastinated on repairing headphones, so my can is still hanging loose.

New website for the Open Source Creative Podcast:
Built using Hugo (! I like static site generators!


Touchpad support on linux
Libinput man page

Example of /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-libinput.conf
Section “InputClass”
       Identifier      “SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad”
       Driver          “libinput”
       Option          “ScrollMethod” “edge”
       Option          “Tapping” “on”
       Option          “DisableWhileTyping” “on”

Example of /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/70-synaptics.conf
Section “InputClass”
Identifier “touchpad”
Driver “synaptics”
MatchIsTouchpad “on”
Option “TapButton1” “1”

       Option “HorizEdgeScroll” “on”
       Option “PalmDetect” “1”
Option “PalmMinWidth” “8”
Option “PalmMinZ” “100”


Using SOX to trim audio files
How I pull out the pre show
sox -S raw_show.wav pre_show.wav trim 0 start_time

How I get the show file
sox -s raw_show.wav show.wav start_time

Now I just add the pre show to the end of the show
sox -S show.wav pre_show.wav sourceaudio.wav

Next recording date: April. 7, 2017



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New Raspberry Pi Zero W, now with WiFi and Bluetooth.  New (to me at least) ODroid RPi Zero clone, ODroid W.
My 101 Hero 3D printer arrived, from reviews I don’t expect much. I currently have a ODroid U2 connected to printer.  The popular slicer software doesn’t seem to be in the 14.04 LTS repos.  Ran into a snag compiling Slic3r.  Also having trouble completing a distro upgrade.  Might be easier to get another RPi 3 and installing OctoPi

RetroPie calls for help (legal trademark issue):

(follow-up on this… they issued a follow-up thank-you on their blog. I don’t think that means the matter is settled or that they’ve gotten the help they need, so if you know someone, it’s probably still worth it to reach out)


Detailed explanation of the parser bug:

Ars Technica article:

Full list of sites potentially affected:


Wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper
Change the lightdm background

Change the background image of the grub menu

Sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Architect linux


Next recording date: March. 17, 2017




Listener Feedback

 FiftyOneFifty via G+

VJbox: Question regarding TJoe’s use of VMs for security and the specific base OS of choice for the host

Kevin Wisher: Patch your WordPress:

Joe C Hecht boot crazy

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FiftyOneFifty–2#/  $400 Ubuntu or Win 10 7” laptop  Data Selfie, Chrome extension to track what Facebook knows about you, code on GitHub.

Putting retroarch on a C.H.I.P. computer

Netminer asked about sshfs



Listener Feedback

Kwisher responded to NetMiner’s question about the native Ubuntu interface in Windows 10 with this link

G+ feedback
Kevin wisher posted:
Best linux security tutorials

pfsense sg-1000 microfirewall review and speed test

IOT app builder

How to keep hackers out of your linux machine

Open source traffic analizers

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Transmission-CLI: To download “Endless Linux” which I heard mentioned on Late Night Linux.   Installing “transmission-cli” on my server, (depending on distro, package may be either “transmission-cli” or “transmission-daemon”).  To enable web interface, “transmission-daemon -a 127.0.0.*,192.168.x.*” or edit ~/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json
rpcwhitelist“: “127.0.0.*,192.168.x.*”,  
Note trailing comma is a file delimiter,   ^^ not my punctuation
rpcwhitelist-enabled”: true,
Also “download-dir“: “~/YourDownloadFolder“, && pick your own download dir

After settings change, kill the daemon with “sudo killall transmission-daemon” and restart with “transmission-daemon

Access a very Transmission graphical like interface at “serverIP:9091/transmission/web/”   The trailing “/” is important, you will get an error w/o it.
Next, (for me), open up input and output port forwarding through pfSense.
2 easy cli ways to record an audio stream

mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile (location and name of dumpfile) (url of stream)

curl –output (location of dump file) (url for stream)
(note: “Redirect Target IP”, in both cases this is “From”), and substitute port used by Transmission, 51413, for the one in the article).  I’ve used RTorrent before to download torrents to a server with no GUI.  Luckily, RTorrent doesn’t seem to be available in the Arch repos, so I looked for an alternative.

I also made limited progress on installing Wallabag (a Pocket like utility for archiving links) on the same RPi that runs Nagios.  I’ll report more when I’m finished or at least make real progress.

I been catching up on Bad Voltage and just discovered Bryan Lunduke left at the end of the year so he could host “The Lunduke Hour” on Youtube.

I’ve been investigating if I can install Linux on a NextBook.

2 easy cli ways to record an audio stream

mplayerdumpstreamdumpfile (location and name of dumpfile) (url of stream)

curl –output (location of dump file) (url for stream)

Next recording date: Feb. 17, 2017




Listener Feedback
Patreon page for helping Øyvind Kolås (pippin) continue to develop the GEGL image processing library for GIMP:

Mark Rice keeps us abreast of free (as in beer) technical publications

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Aeskulap – free software for viewing DICOM medical images

Installing NextCloud on my alumni server (Nano Pi Neo running Armbian Ubuntu)
When following this tutorial, I had best results when replacing “localhost” with

RetrOSMC –

Only hiccup was a requirement for libudev0. Needed to pull a custom build from here: (reference post on a moonlight-embedded issue on Github:

1. Use the following commands to install:

$ wget

$ dpkg -i libudev0_175-7.2_armhf.deb

Then re-run the script.

After that you should be good to go

We also discuss Linux security

Next recording date: Feb. 3, 2017



Listener Feedback

Kevin Wisher: Nagios on a Pi3 (

Kevin Wisher: Netgate SG-1000 microFirewall (

Rick Slone: Pi-hole is now at version 2 (

Ron Houk: Disabling touchpad (

Richard Kline: USB to 2.1mm barrel jack power (posted for the wrong show?)

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1. rfkill – Diagnose why your laptop’s WiFi may be turned off.

2. RPi image to quickly get Nagios Server up and running Finally, one that works.

3. Added a USB Ethernet NIC to my pfSense box to segregate IoT devices from my regular network.  “OPT1” seems to be configured identically to “LAN” (except for address range), but it can’t “see” the Internet but I can ping from one LAN to the other (just the opposite of what I wanted).

4. Since the pfSense box has no WiFi (well it does, but pfSense doesn’t recognize it),  I’ve been using the cheaper of my factory routers as a WAP (the other is in reserve, configured in case I break pfSense).  The AP keeps dropping my ChromeCasts, so I was looking into turning one of my Orange Pi Zeros into a simple AP.  Installed Armbian (can’t say enough good things).  Linux has a “bridge” command that creates a virtual interface between network interfaces, but it is meant as a bridge between networks, not an AP.  The MAC address of every device connecting to the WiFi must be enumerated.  After Googling for an easy way to accomplish my goal, at length I found a PPA  here:  Unfortunately, I’d installed Armbian Debian, went back and downloaded Armbian Ubuntu.  Then, the script the article talks about must be deprecated in the current PPA.  Went through the manual setup, but neither the OPi’s onboard WAN or a USB adapter I bought for my hotel router project seem supported.  This shouldn’t be this difficult, I hope a listener can point me in the right direction.

1. I did some hasty editing Thursday night.  I saw a discounted TP-Link switch on NewEgg (which I plan to use for the IoT guest network)., but when I went to order it, I saw it was available in a combo with a Sonic Wall AP, which I confused with a Ubiquiti AP’s.  The difference is that Sonic Walls require a dedicated hardware controller (from Dell) and the Ubiquiti is managed in cross platform software.  Since I probably will have to send the whole thing back, I am officially an idiot (which will come as no surprise to regular listeners).  I’ve had good success setting up Ubiquitis for customers, and Tom Lawrence has talked about them several times on his YouTube channel.

2. RoxTerm, multi tab terminal emulator for SolusOS, Sunflower, multi tab file manager.

3. SolusOS doesn’t think ssh-copy-id is secure:

4. Started working on my NanoPiNeo server for the my alumni association:                Next Cloud:

           Etherpad: Mattermost:
1. Reglue is holding a fundraiser:

2. Jonathan Nadeau is raising funds to publish his book, Vision:

3. Parts I’m planning to order for projects, travel router and digital assistant (i.e. Echo clone)

1. RPi 3 kit

2. Olympus mic

3. USB Sound card

4. Used PC speakers

5. 3.5” TFT display & RPi case

6. Extra RPi power adapters

7. And because it would be cool:

1. Battery pack expansion for RPi

2. Twin micro SD adapter (i.e., slide a switch to dual boot)

3. Digital assistant FOSS software links: (i.e., alternatives to Echo/Alexa, Google Home, Mycroft)

Small poll regarding a website for my podcast (and related projects):

SyncStop (formerly the USB Condom):

Next recording date: Jan. 20, 2017



Remembering Matthew Williams Matt, aka Lord Drauchenblut, lost his battle with cancer 7 Dec.  There will be a Celebration of Life memorial for Matthew Williams on Saturday, January 7 the at the Morgan County Fairgrounds in Martinsville Indiana from noon until 5 pm. The address is 1749 Hospital Dr., Martinsville Indiana 46151. Klaatu is putting together a podcast from those who wish to contribute an audio memory.  See

BTW: HPR is down to about two weeks worth of shows.

Listener Feedback
Vic J – Mention of the Ubuntu Podcast’s (s9e40) coverage of the NexDock

Richard Kline – Requested a feature for T-Joe’s hypothetical new touchpad driver

Via IRC:
Nick Meritt diagnoses Fifty’s Chromecast problem

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FiftyOneFifty   Successfully replaced my router with the pfSense box (again).  Using spare router as WiFi AP. Classes at

reMarkable e-ink tablet ( – slated for release at the end of summer 2017

Installing Arch Linux on a Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 recovery image –

Arch Wiki on Surface Pro 3 –

Kernel patches were necessary to get the Type Cover to work (AUR package use 4.6. When 4.10 is released, patching won’t be necessary)

Arch Wiki for HiDPI

Onboard virtual keyboard (should be available in most package repos)

Subreddit for Linux on the Surface –


Apply kernel patches to main 4.8/4.9 kernel

Audio configuration

Re-map pen buttons (confirm Bluetooth plays nice)

Fast screen rotation

Test mini displayport output

(I’ll try to report on these in the next show)


Linux Academy:   I am currently working on learning Linux Administration

Next recording date: Jan. 6, 2017