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Listener Feedback

Kevin Wisher on G+

Ken Fallon
Hi All,

Yes I do listen

Thanks for the offer of stickers, but if we get a table we’ll need a lot
more than 50 stickers. More like 5,000. FOSDEM is a completely different
kettle of fish to normal events.

PLEASE stop playing the HPR call for shows theme.

No Seriously PLEASE stop playing the HPR call for shows theme.

By the time your show is released we we either have stopped or there is
a flood of shows coming in. Then we get the crying wolf effect.

I’m serious – If I hear that theme one more time ….. well I’ll have to
….. ask you kindly again to not play it. ūüôā

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Overview of Ohio Linux Fest 2017.  The PineBook came up for additional scrutiny from the TSA both coming and going.  Assembled an RPi 3 with DietPi (rather than OctoPi) and a RPi 3 with Raspian and a Respeaker for Assistant-Pi.  Lightning storm seems to have messed up power on my pfSense box, temporarily back on consumer router.  Tom Lawrence showed me how to configure my guest network on pfSense the way I intended, didn’t have the chance to implement. is out of shows in 12 days for real.

Red Hat Offers Free Certification

Security News:
Millions of credit card numbers may have been stolen from Sonic Drive-In
Linux Subsystem in Windows 10 perfect hiding place for malware
How to disable Bluetooth and WiFi in iOS

Hardware Links:
Google Assistant Coming to Chromebooks
Echo will be able to make free calls in North America Bad news for independent assistant software.


Next recording date: October. 20, 2017

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Listener Feedback

Ken Fallon

I was thinking of submitting a proposal for a Podcast Table at FOSDEM on
3rd/4th Feb 2018 in Brussels.

Rather than promoting just HPR, I want to promote as many different
shows as possible. The Linux LugCast is exactly the sort of show that a
lot of new participants will want to know about.

It’s probably unlikely that you can attend personally but I’d still like
to hand out flyers and stickers etc. Is it OK with you if I include the
Linux LugCast podcast as part of the proposal ?


Ken Fallon

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Security:  Tom Lawrence explains why the Equifax security breach might not be entirely unforgivable.  Apache Struts had patches available but would have required testing against in house software.
BlueBourne malware can infect Mac, Windows, and Linux implementations with stack protection disabled, exploints vulnerability in Bluetooth drivers

Saga of installing 3D printing software on the ODroid U2: First, I need to apologize to the developers of Ubuntu for the ODroid U2. ¬†Once I fixed an unrecognized connectivity issue, ¬†I was able to connect to the repos and update the system. ¬†My version is 14.04 Trusty LTS, so it won’t do a version upgrade unless I force it. ¬†The common slicer apps are still not in the repos, but I now believe that is because they haven’t been compiled for ARM except in the form of Cura as part of Octoprint. ¬†Buying another RPi 3 may truly be the path of least resistance at this point.

I did find an article that successfully guided me through compiling Slic3r on the U2, with some tweaks.

I found all the packages referenced in the first step had already been installed as had been screen. ¬†Installing the cpanm dependencies took significantly less time than the article suggests, perhaps because the U2 is faster than the Pi’s of 2013, when the article was written. ¬†I already had a GUI running, so I could skip that step. ¬†I did a git clone on the slicer code. ¬†The next step is where I had to make a change. ¬†The first time I checked out Slic3r 0.9.9, and when compiling in the next step, it turns out the code was not compatible with the current version of Perl. ¬†I checked what was current on the Slic3r homepage, and saw the current version was 1.2.9 . ¬†Redoing the git clone and replacing the instruction “git checkout 0.9.9” with “git checkout 1.2.9” provided me with a version of the code that could be compiled with the installed version of Perl. ¬†The next instruction “sudo perl Build.PL” worked, but did not create the Build file referenced in the next instruction “sudo ./Build install”. ¬†Fortunately, the perl Build.PL output gave me the installation command; unfortunately, I keep working and scrolled past it with out recording the command. ¬†The last command on the Hoektonics article completed the configuration. ¬†Issuing ./ brings up a list of arguments for Slic3r, but if I do ./ –gui, I’m told I need OpenGL. ¬†When I Try to install the glut libraries “sudo apt-get install libglut3-dev”, I’m told they don’t exist in the repos. ¬†I’m going to try the GUI App Manager, but I had to reboot first to let some updates install. ¬†

So, to re-cap, OpenGl is required to run a GUI version of Slic3r.  Unfortunately, I discovered no ODroid supports OpenGl.  
1.  Short answer: No ODroid device supports OpenGL [SERIOUSLY!!!]
2.  Long answer: OpenGL ES should work instead (see link above).  WT* is OpenGL ES?
3. ¬†The ES stands for “Embedded System” ¬†Ubuntu don’t play that. ¬† ¬†(Okay, the post is from 2011, but it’s enough to discourage me at 1AM)
4. ¬†This page explains work arounds for installing OpenGL ES. ¬†Turns out almost all the libraries were already up to date (one not found). ¬†Then it goes into compiling someone else’s C code requiring importing libraries. ¬†Lost me there even if it would have worked. ¬†I’ve already invested more time just this evening than a RPi 3 is worth. ¬†A lot of this effort was just plain stubbornness and justifying buying the used U2. ¬†Since it can update against current repos, I’ll probably re task it as my ZoneMinder server once I get my external cameras set up.

If OpenGL had worked:
1: ¬†I expect it would have been installed by default and I wouldn’t have had to do anything.
2.  These instructions appeared on the Google page once I specified Ubuntu 14.04
1. Type/Copy/Paste: sudo apt-get update

2. Type/Copy/Paste: sudo apt-get install freeglut3

3. Type/Copy/Paste: sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev

4. Type/Copy/Paste: sudo apt-get install binutils-gold

3.If you still have trouble, perhaps the OpenGL perl bindings are not installed
>sudo cpan -i OpenGL

OK, if I can’t get GUI Slic3r, then maybe I can still install OctiPrint. I’d noticed the U2’s clock wasn’t getting updated by the NTP server.  It hadn’t been a problem before updating Ubuntu, but now no SSL sites would load because the certs were invalid because of the discrepancy in the date.  I’d attempted to reconcile the NTP server but failed. In #linuxlugcast, kwisher said he’d seen it before and recommended uninstalling and reinstalling NTP first.

>sudo apt-get remove –purge ntp
>sudo apt-get install ntp
>sudo dpkg-reconfigure ntp
>sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

That let SSL sites load, but Firefox and Chrome were still unstable (seems like this happened on my C2 as well).

Kwisher also gave me a link to instructions on installing OctoPrint on a Pi  I went smoothly until the second to last instruction where it refused to compile.  Next day I ordered a Pi 3.

Fixing my broken Solus install was so absurdly easy I’m embarrassed to tell.  I’d already determined Linux was still running behind the blinking cursor because <Ctrl><Alt><Del> caused a reboot.  <Ctrl><Alt><F1> put me in a terminal with a login prompt.  After logging in, I performed another update and it fixed what ever broke on the last one.  Next show, I’ll present a summary of all the other things I tried which may be relevant for a listener in the future.

Installed a Ubiquiti UniFi AP.  Surprisingly, setup on Linux was not as trivial as one might expect.
1. Controller software (replacing the expensive controller hardware required by other enterprise WiFi  solutions) was only available as a .deb (with Intel binaries)

1. Looked for a solution to install a .deb on my Arch server.  Neither dpkg for Arch or the DebTap script panned out.

2. >sudo dpkg -i UniFiController.deb resulted in unmet dependencies.  >apt-cache search revealed I needed to install MongoDB to complete the setup.

3. After physical setup, you still need to download the User Manual.  It doesn’t mention Linux, but you can access the controller at //localhost:8443.  From there, it is just a matter of following the prompts.  The controller does not need to stay running for the AP to work.

When next we meet, I will have been to Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus.

Octoprint on orange pi zero using armbian

How to install Octoprint on Linux

Next recording date: Oct. 6, 2017

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Listener Feedback

vics wrote:

You wrote:

Things I broke: I wanted to install Google Play store on my 7‚ÄĚ Amazon
Fire tablet so I could install the app for my refurbished DJI 3
Standard drone.  Tried the RootJunky method descibed here
but got fail.  Was able to sideload the app, but it needs support apps
that come with the Play Store.

AFAIK I was using the instructions from

But it was like 2 years ago so I can not recall for sure.

KWisher from G+

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Re-Speaker 4 speaker hat for Raspberry Pi, better quality and range than most audio inputs.  Alexa/Google Home?
Alexa and Cortana will be able to talk to each other, Jeff Beezos as stated he would be willing to work with Google, others
DIY Powerwalls using used laptop cells

Sculptember is here! (not exactly Linux-related, but a bunch of us are doing it with open source tools)


GNU World Order: episode 11×4


Tronxy X1

Next recording date: Sept. 15, 2017

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HackerPublicRadio.ORG NEEDS SHOWS
Things I broke: I wanted to install Google Play store on my 7‚ÄĚ Amazon Fire tablet so I could install the app for my refurbished DJI 3 Standard drone. ¬†Tried the RootJunky method descibed here but got fail. ¬†Was able to sideload the app, but it needs support apps that come with the Play Store. ¬†¬†
Installed LXDE on my Pocket C.H.I.P., rendered it unusable. ¬†I heard Thaj talking about putting LXDE on his Pocket C.H.I.P. on Urandom and decided to put it on mine as well. ¬†Installed the desktop from terminal. Got a login screen, but my touch screen doesn‚Äôt respond to touches near the edges, so I couldn‚Äôt get to the dropdown to change desktops. ¬†Discovered I could change the default desktop from the terminal with ‚Äúsudo killall x-session-manager‚ÄĚ which brings up a menu of alternate desktops. Rebooted into LXDE to find I had no apps, including a terminal or a package manager.
Followed these instructions to create an ArchLinuxARM SD for my ODroid X2.  Got warnings every time I unzipped the archive, but I proceeded.  X2 still doesn’t boot.

Fedora is creating a single image for all ARM devices.

New devices Orange Pi with dual NICs Pine64 Cluster board New Orange Pi Zero Plus

ucare-core is system maintenance utility.

Next recording date: Sept. 1, 2017

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Listener Feedback

FYI…You can go into your setting and set Mastadon to only show English language posts so your feed isn’t flooded by posts in other languages.

Hey hey guys

I got a few quick things

In your attached show notes I see no contact links nor any community links, that makes feedback a touch more like work

Octoprint does have a baked in slicer but I know nobody that uses it, I only have used Cura, it works fine in Linux, just a touch slow to load

Good work, good show, keep it up


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Linux desktops targeted by CIA
Older Echoes can be hacked into eavesdropping devices
Rumor false:  Facebook did not shut down an AI it thought was getting too smart
A pocket sized RPi based laptop you can print yourself
Projector that sits on top of Beagle Bone Black
Google updates for older Chromebooks sunset
Microsoft will stop Windows 10 updates (except security) on ‚Äúolder‚ÄĚ hardware before Win 10 EOF, Atom no longer supported
One of my users got there Yahoo mail hijacked
Chrome extensions hacked

Nightscout (

Next recording date: Aug. 18, 2017

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Listener Feedback 

Kevin Wisher posted on G+

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Pinebook update: Got Ubuntu Mate flashed to the emmc from a script in /usr/local/sbin on the Ubuntu Mate SD image ‚Äúsudo ./ xenial-mate‚ÄĚ ¬†{Verified, omit the image selection (i.e. ‚Äúxenial-mate‚ÄĚ in the example above) and you will get a list to choose from. Other choices are xenial-minimal, xenial-i3, Androids 7.0 and 7.1}. ¬†Thanks again to Door for the hint. ¬†There is also a tool for making installation SDs here ¬†¬†¬†¬†I put Android on an SD card, so I can dual boot of a sort. ¬†Glued micro to full size SD adapter to bottom of Pinebook as convenient storage for Android SD.

New SBCs on Market:
Pi Zero sized SBCs with quad core power
Banana PI BPI-M2 Zero
‚ÄúFull sized‚ÄĚ SBC
Le Potato (clocked faster than RPi 3, $25)
GIGABYTE GA-SBCAP3350 SBC looks like an Up Board killer
Android set top box in a cable
Current Meter for RPi

Microsoft commits to bringing broadband to rural areas
People agree to clean toilets for free WiFi


Blackarch linux
A arch based pentesting os

Installing blackarch linux

Using wpa_supplicant to connect to wifi

Make a file called /etc/wpa_supplicant/example.conf


Then what I had to do was

Wpa_supplicant -B -i <wlan0> -D wext -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/example.conf

I had to add the ‚Äú-D wext‚ÄĚ because I was using older hardware

Then just type

>add_network 0
>set_network 0 ssid ‚Äúmyssid‚ÄĚ
>set_network 0 psk ‚Äúpassphrase‚ÄĚ
>enable_network 0

To update Blackarch linux you need to type as root (or with root permission)

Pacman -Syyu –needed –force blackarch

Uzbl browser

Youtube with uzbl

Next recording date: Aug. 4, 2017



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Linux is better:  Windows 10 removed support  for rotating monitors
Has the CIA hacked your router?

First looks:
Pinebook 14‚ÄĚ: Overall disappointed, internal speakers not fit for purpose, poor trackpad, slow scrolling in browser, not compatible with all access points (could be just me). ¬†On the plus side, it is inexpensive and compact; battery life.

Distros can be booted of the SD card or flashed to the emmc from an image on the SD (I‚Äôve found two types of images on the support forum, ones meant to be booted from the SD and others that flash an image on the emmc. ¬†Door posted that he was able to flash the emmc from a script ¬†‚Äúsudo ./ xenial-mate‚ÄĚ ¬†Script is in /usr/local/sbin.

Recommendations for better Firefox performance:

Mycroft A.I.:  Right on 12 months late, many of the functions promised in the crowd funding campaign are not implemented (to be fair, the makers say set it on a shelf for six months before plugging it in).  About all that works is answering questions from Wikipedia and playing news highlights from NPR.   My fears are Alexa and Google Home already have too big a lead and the resources to stay well ahead of community development.  Generally impressed with the voice recognition.

List of Linux browsers


Next recording date: July. 21, 2017




Listener Feedback

Vlad Shvets promoting Vectr graphics editor

Paul Allen debuts Low Earth Orbit launch platform:

Three very makery open source projects from Tiny Circuits:

New Adam Savague Maket site:
Podnutz has added a Maker podcast, ‚ÄúThe Makerz‚ÄĚ:

The Samba exploit that enables WannaCry also affects Linux:

Next recording date: June. 16, 2017



Listener Feedback

From kwisher on G+

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The Chromebook I won in the LFNW raffle:
How to enable the Google Playstore on your Chromebook
How to install Crouton:
Once you get Crouton running, I recommend immediately setting a root password using: sudo chromeos-setdevpasswd in shell, under Chromebook terminal. ¬†If you are prompted for a password, try ‚Äútest0000‚ÄĚ.

Issues from last week’s TLLTS: Does Windows S mean Microsoft is plotting the death of third party software?

In Britain, watching a pirated stream can now get you 10 years:

To determine your Window Manager wmctrl -m

Extend the life of your Nintendo DS with R4DS

The micro SDHC adapter I purchased

List of some of the applications you can run with R4DS

Now for the linux ‚ÄúDSlinux‚ÄĚ