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Kevin Wisher on G+

Ken Fallon
Hi All,

Yes I do listen

Thanks for the offer of stickers, but if we get a table we’ll need a lot
more than 50 stickers. More like 5,000. FOSDEM is a completely different
kettle of fish to normal events.

PLEASE stop playing the HPR call for shows theme.

No Seriously PLEASE stop playing the HPR call for shows theme.

By the time your show is released we we either have stopped or there is
a flood of shows coming in. Then we get the crying wolf effect.

I’m serious – If I hear that theme one more time ….. well I’ll have to
….. ask you kindly again to not play it. 🙂

Show Topics

Overview of Ohio Linux Fest 2017.  The PineBook came up for additional scrutiny from the TSA both coming and going.  Assembled an RPi 3 with DietPi (rather than OctoPi) and a RPi 3 with Raspian and a Respeaker for Assistant-Pi.  Lightning storm seems to have messed up power on my pfSense box, temporarily back on consumer router.  Tom Lawrence showed me how to configure my guest network on pfSense the way I intended, didn’t have the chance to implement.

HackerPublicRadio.org is out of shows in 12 days for real.

Red Hat Offers Free Certification

Security News:
Millions of credit card numbers may have been stolen from Sonic Drive-In
Linux Subsystem in Windows 10 perfect hiding place for malware
How to disable Bluetooth and WiFi in iOS

Hardware Links:
Google Assistant Coming to Chromebooks
Echo will be able to make free calls in North America Bad news for independent assistant software.


Next recording date: October. 20, 2017

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