episode 49


Listener Feedback

Kevin Wisher, Ken Fallon, Sam, Fweeb’s mini-pc (https://learn.adafruit.com/mini-raspberry-pi-handheld-notebook-palmtop, ZipIt 2)

Dave Morriss’ link to small computer bits (SBCs – Small Board Computers… 64 of them!): http://linuxgizmos.com/ringing-in-2016-with-64-open-spec-hacker-friendly-sbcs/

And a link from Thomas Naser: http://n-o-d-e.net/post/107977286006/how-to-create-a-handheld-linux-terminal

Kwisher asked in the mailing list “How to process an entire folder of scans and have the output saved to another folder with the same file name as the source.”
for f in ~/Pictures/scans/*.jpeg; do new=${f##*/}; convert $f -crop +0-20 +repage $new; done

Show Topics

Successfully ran “Chrome OS” on a regular PC. http://arnoldthebat.co.uk/wordpress/chromium-os/ was fail on all the systems I tried it on, but thanks to Linux For The Rest Of Us, I found Cloudy Ready OS http://www.neverware.com/freedownload  Unfortunately, there appairs not to be an easy way to install Crouton.

Progress on the home security project; I bought this to install pf-Sense on: http://www.hystou.com/products/fanless-computers/celeron-1037u-mini-pc/mini-itx-pc-intel-nuc-mini-computer-celeron-1037u-4g-ram-64g-ssd-build-in-300m-wifi-1121.html

Two new mini PC Podcasts: http://podnutz.com/category/minipc/ http://liliputing.com/2016/02/introducing-the-lpx-show-podcast.html

For reference on where I’m at on my writing appliance: http://termux.com

Next recording date: Feb. 19, 2016