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An avenue to installing packages not found in your distribution’s repository
Recently, I found a video from Penguicon on my phone I wanted to share on G+. Unfortunately, I’d taken it in portrait mode, and Google wanted to display it on it’s side. I could have fixed this by sharing it to YouTube first, but I have no interest in starting a YouTube channel. Unlike most timeline based video editors, Avidemux does do 90 degree rotation, but it is not present in the Wheezy distro. However, I found the .deb at:

www.deb-multimedia.org lets you locate binaries by package and distribution. Each .deb page includes links to dependencies not found in the repositories of the distribution. Each of those may have other dependencies, so you have to work your way down till you find packages with no out of repro dependencies, install those first (sudo dpkg -i package-name.deb), then work your way back up.

Once I had Avidemux installed, I figured out how to rotate the video 90 degrees and save it as a new file. Unfortunately, this totally destroyed the audio in the clip. In this case, audio was incidental, so I edited the new file with Avidemux and removed the audio entirely. I’m sure it would have been as easy to rip the audio from the original file, and add it back into the rotated version.

Next recording date: August 21, 2015