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Mark Rice Posted in the Google Plus Community
“If you don’t mind a cloud based bookmarking app, this one allows you to share collections with a link, and you can import bookmarks from Pocket.”

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Magic Packets, the beginning of something wonderful!
How I save power and can turn on machines only when I need them.  

Packet Dissection
Arch Wiki
Another Nice Tutorial

HonkeyMagoo+ Fweeb
discuss how they publish there podcasts




Fweeb’s podcast (The Open Source Creative Podcast)

Web log analyzer that Fweeb uses for analytics
(still requires pulling the logs from S3 separately)




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HackerPublicRadio.org needs shows, I have plane tickets for OLF
Running Android apps on Linux part 2:  Running Remix OS for x86 in a VM – FAIL  http://www.osboxes.org/remix-os/
Network Monitor project progress: Diet Pi on RPi2, Pi-Hole works, TOR AP – can see SSID but not connect, OwnClound not found (probably because of Pi-Hole), Nagios (installed from Debian repo) not found.
Finally put a system on my Pine 64.  Tried several from the Wiki page before one worked.
{ http://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pine_A64_Software_Release }
Ubuntu/Mate for Pine 64 did not boot, Debian/Mate by lenny.raposo booted but never made it to login, Ubuntu by Michael Larson got to desktop, but popped up a dialog stating “Ubuntu  16.04 has experienced an internal error” details (usr/bin/xfce-panel) that persisted after upgrade.  Arch/xfce works.

Follow-up on my adventures with Hugo (static website generator written in Go)
Set up of a simple single-page site is surprisingly easy if you use one of the many themes that are available. In my case, I used a theme called Highlights.

For multi-page, blog-style sites, the documentation (http://gohugo.io/overview/quickstart/) is really quite helpful. Not much need to search outside of that.

I managed to migrate another site from Ghost to Hugo in just over an hour. A big help for that was a Python script called ‘ghost2hugo’ by Matthew Bentley (https://github.com/matthewbentley/ghost2hugo/). The script pulls the Markdown content from Ghost’s sqlite database and saves those posts as text files. Then there’s just a little bit of modification necessary to get things up and running (partially depending on how many posts you have and the number of customizations you’ve done to the theme).

Little review of makexyz.com (kind of like Uber for 3D printing).

Series of 3D printing articles (using Blender) on Opensource.com:
Part 1 – https://opensource.com/life/16/6/how-get-started-3d-printing-blender

Part 2 – https://opensource.com/life/16/7/making-and-preparing-3d-models-printing-blender

Part 3 (this one has the photo of the finished print) – https://opensource.com/life/16/8/creating-3d-models-printing-blender-advanced-tips



Pokes Thaj about his home server and about his expirences with ‘Docker”